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New Congregation's Lunch of Endless Mountains Church of Christ in Tunkannock, PA.

Tunkhannock Intitiative

Jan 23

Tunkhannock Initiative

As we begin the next phase of our church plants in Pennsylvania, we begin our next target. The town of Tunkhannock, PA. We explain the task at hand and outline how we will go about starting a new congregation of the Lord's Church there this year.
TunkhannockSign According to the commandment of God, the priests carried the Ark of the Covenant into the swollen Jordan River on the eve of the launching of the Western Conquest. But, it was not until the priests’ feet touched the water that God met them there and caused the water to back up to the north and dry up to the south. We, too, have a commandment to go into all the world and make disciples baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Mt.28:19, 20).

Therefore while seeking the blessings of God, The Antioch Initiative Team under the oversight of the Elmore congregation’s elders (Elmore, AL) plan to launch a new church-plant in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania the first week of June 2016 with or without a permanent evangelist secured. Here’s how, with God’s help, we will do this.

The Antioch Initiative

SiteLogoAIThe Antioch Initiative Team (including an expanding number of passionate and knowledgeable brethren) is being coordinated by the elders of Elmore Church of Christ in Elmore, Alabama. We are beseeching God to use us in the establishment of a germinal congregation in each of four counties of Northeastern Pennsylvania—namely, Bradford, Susquehanna, Wyoming and Sullivan. (Germinal congregations will plant other congregations in the future, which will, in turn, plant other congregations.) These counties represent 142,406 souls—none of which claim adherence to membership in the Lord’s church. You are being invited today to become a partner in The Antioch Initiative with your prayers, input, service and funding. The essential vision being pursued through The Antioch Initiative is a plan which involves the following elements.

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ANTIOCH Initiative

Elmore Church of Christ

P. O. Box 95

470 Ceasarville Rd

Elmore, AL 36025

Local Contact

Valley Cities Church of Christ

Arthur Barry

Missionary-Evangelist: Sayre, PA

Interested? arbry21@gmail.com

Call Me: 607-280-1732


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