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Strategy for Evangelism of Wyoming & Susquehanna Counties

Seeking the wisdom God promises to those who ask in faith, the Elmore elders and core leaders of the Antioch Initiative have determined that a third church-plant will not be launched until a fully-funded evangelist is in place at the Endless Mountains congregation in Tunkhannock, PA. A determined and committed group of rotational preachers and teachers from PA & NY are still circulating each weekend into that second church-plant of the Antioch Initiative feeding the flock and witnessing high morale among charter members. Endless Mountains congregation is the only congregation of the church of Christ in Wyoming County Pennsylvania. 


Our present strategy includes the following elements. First, an aggressive search for the Endless Mountains' evangelist continues with four congregations standing in the wings considering financial support. Second, the 2017 Pennsylvania Campaign will target Wyoming County in a ninety-day campaign (June through August) aiming at the building up of the Endless Mountains congregation.Third, once the evangelist is in place in Tunkhannock (Wyoming County), he and the Endless Mountains’ saints will be challenged to evangelize both Wyoming and Susquehanna counties with a total combined population of 70,000 residents urging converts of Christ to drive to Tunkhannock for worship assemblies and arranging weekly home-based studies in Susquehanna County with a concentration on making disciples. (Note: Montrose, the county seat of Susquehanna County, is only twenty miles on good highway from Tunkhannock, which is the county seat of Wyoming County. Economy of resources dictates this strategy above the planting of a congregation in Susquehanna County understanding that Christians from that county can make a future determination of when that should happen taking the necessary steps to bring it about. Residents of Susquehanna County already prove their willingness to drive to the Tunkhannock Walmart.) Fourth, Christians partnering with the Antioch Initiative from NY, PA, TN, AL, AK, KY, & WV will be urged to assist these evangelistic efforts of the Wyoming County Christians and their evangelist to make certain every person in both counties hear the gospel of grace. Fifth, WBS online courses will be expanded to include Susquehanna County residents. Sixth, simultaneous with seeking the implementation of these goals, the core leaders of the Antioch Initiative will study other target cities of the U.S. leading to the planting of a third germinal congregation once Endless Mountains has their evangelist. 


Soon, crystalized plans will be communicated to all of you challenging all able and interested readers to join the evangelistic efforts in Wyoming County this summer. Please be in fervent prayer.


When we leave this world to meet the Lord, let us leave disciples behind who will make disciples who will, in turn, make disciples until the end of time. That has always been the strategy of Jesus (cp. 2 Tim.2:2; Mt.28:18f). 


Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed. 


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Who Am I?

Who Am I

by Don Myers

I deliver your paper, pick up your trash, or have taken you on a date.
I am your neighbor, your co-worker or even your mate.
I am white, black or any color you may have seen.
I am young, old or somewhere in between.
I am from the South, the North or from the Mid-West.
I am a Republican, Democrat or could really care less.
I am a good guy, bad guy or morally unconcerned
Who is on the broad road and destined to be burned.
I am the good ground, but how will you ever know?
Jesus said it was your mission the saving seed to sow.
Devoured by the roaring lion who stalks the earth all time,
So to leave me untold is the highest of spiritual crime.
My days are limited on the earth, which is my fleshly home.
My opportunity to get right with God is going and almost gone.

You’ve said, "If he was interested, he’d get himself in church,"
But you see the enslavement of sin has bound me in its lurch.
When you see me, imagine me your dear and loving child
Who you refuse to leave in darkness and in ungodly wild.
So leave no stone unturned to deliver me from my sin.
Never give up on me for eternity never ends.
I am capable of loving Jesus as much as you ever did,
If I could only get out of this evil, worldly skid.
I could be as spiritually lush as the greenest of fescue,
So help me, tell me and come to my rescue.
You risk me cursing you, hating you and pushing you far away,
Yet your Savior was treated in exactly the same way.
So, come on, reach out and speak to me today!
Your Jesus went up to Calvary for my sins to pay.

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The Antioch Initiative

SiteLogoAIThe Antioch Initiative Team (including an expanding number of passionate and knowledgeable brethren) is being coordinated by the elders of Elmore Church of Christ in Elmore, Alabama. We are beseeching God to use us in the establishment of a germinal congregation in each of four counties of Northeastern Pennsylvania—namely, Bradford, Susquehanna, Wyoming and Sullivan. (Germinal congregations will plant other congregations in the future, which will, in turn, plant other congregations.) These counties represent 142,406 souls—none of which claim adherence to membership in the Lord’s church. You are being invited today to become a partner in The Antioch Initiative with your prayers, input, service and funding. The essential vision being pursued through The Antioch Initiative is a plan which involves the following elements.

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