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JANUARY 15, 2020 TWICE A MONTH REPORT # 2 FOR JANUARY,          OBJECTIVES ASKED FOR BY ELMORE AND ANTIOCH   1.     Detail specific actions you are doing to encourage spiritual growth        in the congregation.      Encouraging each member to learn and pray and nourishing the ones who were recently baptized, and are still attending services. Kelly Donovan, Jamie Hricenak, Oliver & Alishia Houck, Paul Vossburg and Cora Rivera. One Coco Lopez that was baptized on October 30, 2017 never lives in the area and the other 2 that were baptized moved out of the area and one still is staying in contact with me. We are still working with the five men here to teach them how to pray, read and help at the table.   It now seems that Jose can do all the 5 acts of worship. He shy's away from singing and preaching. But he will do the latter too if need be. Oliver is still not doing well from his brain surgery. Most of everything was explained about each individual I am working with from past days in the December 16th report.      I started a Bible study with Holly Diehl who lives 20 miles from the church but does not have a car. I saw her dad sitting on a Walmart riding movable vehicle which was dead so I tried getting him one that was charged on a busy Friday and that is when I met his daughter, who said she has been looking for…

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