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GGeneClemons2ene Clemons was born in Edgarton, WV in 1942 and became a Christian in Oxon Hill, Maryland in 1966. He is married to Ernestine Blankenship Clemons and they have five children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. After his conversion to Christ in Oxon Hill, Gene began teaching co-workers on his construction job. At various times and hours, he would bring repentant believers to the church building to be baptized into Christ and call his elders to open the building. Gene saw that the gospel was the power of God unto salvation and, when he invested more time in teaching, more souls were saved, so he began taking some vacation time to teach more souls. When his vacation time was exhausted, he begin taking leaves of absence from work without pay in order to teach souls. Finally, the elders of Oxon Hill guided Gene to attend Whites Ferry Road School of Preaching in West Monroe, LA in 1972.

After graduation in 1974, Gene served with the congregation in Majestic, KY assisting, also, in the planting of congregations in Ben Creek, WV; Ragland, WV; Union WV and Peterstown, WV.   He has preached in Majestic, KY; South Williamson, KY; Lewisburg, WV; Union, WV; Peterstown, WV and Ragland, WV.

On the foreign mission side, Gene has be blessed to work in India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Canada and now travels to China twice each year encouraging preachers, church leaders and members to travel with him. He has assisted in planting churches in India, Ukraine and China. Often, those who travel with Gene will become committed to a city in China and will begin to take initiative there to plant and/or mature the church. Gene recruits SKYPE teachers to teach people in China. Among those he has recruited to teach by means of SKYPE are Dr. David Warren of Faulkner University; Brent Missildine (preacher of Prattville congregation in Prattville, AL); Denny Collins and others. God has given Gene a recent breakthrough in Mongolia and plans to travel there in the Fall to seek souls and plant the church of the Lord.

Don Myers related the story of being in Kramatorsk, Ukraine with several American brethren working to teach in a private institute there and win souls. One evening (before Gene Clemons arrived from service in another part of Ukraine), the room was full of American brethren fellowshipping with Ukrainian brothers and sister. Don looked around the room and commented, "Think brethren, Every American Christian in this room was, directly or indirectly, brought to Ukraine by Gene Clemons!" In that city alone, a five-year school of biblical studies, new congregation and Christian school were begun. Variations of those same results can be told wherever this gentile, unrelenting messenger of the cross has gone.

Gene Clemons can certainly be seen as a global church planter with humble spirit totally dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is committed to campaign in Northeastern, PA with the Antioch Initiative Team in seeking to plant the church in Bradford, Susquehanna, Wyoming and Sullivan Counties serving as a leader and consultant through the years in these ongoing efforts to multi-church plant.

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