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JJimmyDavis-350immy Davis was born August 1, 1944 in Montgomery, Alabama spending most of his life living on a small share cropper’s farm in South Alabama. He was blessed with a wonderful Christian mother who never wavered in her faith or dedication to the Lord. He assigns all the credit of any successes in his life to his God and his mother.

Jimmy will have been married to his wife, Judy, for fifty years as of February 28, 2015. They have two daughters and two grandsons. He has been a member of the Lord’s church since 1965.

Career wise, he started working at a manufacturing company in 1963 and launched a custom molding company in 1969 with two partners. The business was blessed with great success. Jimmy bought out one of his partners in 1973. Tragically, his other partner and the partner’s wife were killed in their company airplane on October 13, 1974.

Jimmy continued to operate the business as the owner/president until selling the company in 1985. He stayed on as the CEO until his work contract was up in 1992 and, then, retired. His aim was to spend more time working on church related projects, especially missions. He was called back as a consultant in 1994 where he continued to work on an as needed basis.

Jimmy and Judy have worshipped with the Elmore church of Christ since 1973 where he now serves as one of the elders. He first travelled to Jamaica in 1980 to assist in planting the church in Port Antonia having the joy of baptizing the first convert in that city. Since that time, Jimmy has had a burning in his bones for lost souls (cp. Jer.20:9). Since 1980, he has been a part of thirty-six crusades in Jamaica having directed thirty-three of those campaigns. He has help plant five congregations of the Lord’s church in that country.   He remains very involved in Jamaica missions planning on directing a campaign in early July of this year aiming at the planting of a new congregation in Richmond, Jamaica. Jimmy has been working in local prison ministry since 1990 working each week in teaching.

Jimmy commented, The Lord continues to bless me with wonderful partners in my life—both spiritual and physical. The group of men who I work with in the Antioch Initiative is comprised of the best men I know. They are great evangelists that love the truth and lost souls. I am so thankful to be involved in this great mission. All the years that I have gone to Jamaica, I have neglected to do anything, but complain about the sad state of my own country of America. I am going to take action by taking the nation back by taking Jesus to the nation and the Antioch Initiative is the best example of the First Century method I know about (Gal.6:7-10).


Don Myers said, "Jimmy Davis has an unrelenting determination in the face of trial to work faithfully for the Lord and the progress of the gospel. During my life, there is an extremely short list of brethren I have encountered who have the combination of faith demonstrated by a never-say-die spirit who consistently prove themselves day in and day out as leaders and messengers of the gospel of Christ. Jimmy Davis is on that short list. His leadership in the Antioch Initiative is stellar and powerful."

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