Thoughts on Urgency

I ask myself, “Do I travel a 1000 miles to teach a stranger while walking over the eternal souls of those within ten feet of me?” Has God maneuvered us into some position, work, friendship, family relation, or neighborhood, specifically, so that He could reach those with His gospel through us? I would encourage us to think that sharing the gospel can be done more in conversations with friends and family than as formal appointments with strangers.

What if Philip, the evangelist, had been so busy packing his bag for a mission trip up and down the Mediterranean coastline that he had failed to notice a chariot rolling by with an Ethiopian reading about “a lamb led to the slaughter,” or had neglected four virgin daughters at home who could later become prophetesses?  

Never miss an opportunity. Do not assess the ground (as hard, full of weeds, rocky, or good)--just broadcast the seed of the word. Forget whether you are talking to “Nicodemus” on the avenue or “the Samaritan woman” in the alley. Don’t look at skin color; quality of clothing; or, whether or not the souls are wearing rags or rubies.

Never stand over an unplanted field praying for God to give a great harvest. Do you know of some untold soul—then, tell them. Can you imagine a Roman soldier who guarded the Apostle Paul in prison during his shift being asked, “What did Paul say to you?,” only to hear the soldier reply, “Not a word!” Impossible!!

Don’t have a ten-year plan to build rapport with a lost soul only to be find yourself carrying a covered dish to his widow nine years into your ten-year plan. At the judgment, remove all possibility that someone might say, “You never mentioned Him to me!”

Sometimes silence is golden, but, most of the time, it’s down right yellow! If we fail to confess Him before men, He will be ashamed to confess us before His Father in heaven.





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