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SiteLogoAIThe Antioch Initiative Team (including an expanding number of passionate and knowledgeable brethren) is being coordinated by the elders of Elmore Church of Christ in Elmore, Alabama. We are beseeching God to use us in the establishment of a germinal congregation in each of four counties of Northeastern Pennsylvania—namely, Bradford, Susquehanna, Wyoming and Sullivan. (Germinal congregations will plant other congregations in the future, which will, in turn, plant other congregations.) These counties represent 142,406 souls—none of which claim adherence to membership in the Lord’s church. You are being invited today to become a partner in The Antioch Initiative with your prayers, input, service and funding. The essential vision being pursued through The Antioch Initiative is a plan which involves the following elements.


PRAYER. Prayer was the greatest priority of the Apostles and Christian messengers of the First Century in the vision of world evangelism. Dependence on God’s guiding hand and blessings permeate every aspect of this vision.

TheValleyFIRST CHURCH-PLANT SITE. Clarence McDowell (77-year old Pennsylvania church-planter) has pinpointed Valley Cities (Sayre/Athens, PA & Waverly, NY) as a high-potential site for a church-plant having a compact, interwoven citizenry of 14,000 blue-collar residents. We are recommending the Bradford County, PA congregation be called the Valley Cities church of Christ. The congregation’s name, ultimately, will be the autonomous business of the newly planted church.

OVERSEEING ELDERSHIP. The elders of Kittanning church of Christ in Kittanning, PA have agreed to serve as the overseeing eldership for the missionary who will be placed in Valley Cities and for the collection, distributing and accounting point of the funding for that church-plant. This same approach will be used in the other three counties as the church-plant sequence continues with The Antioch Initiative Team recruiting faithful overseeing elderships for each, respectively.

MISSIONARY. Given the challenge of planting a church on virgin soil, The Antioch Initiative Team insists that the selection of a man of God, who is an aggressive evangelist mighty in the word and who is capable of feeding the lambs and defending against the wolves is critical to the success of this initiative. Hence, we are prepared to seek such a man with unrelenting zeal in a spirit of waiting on the Lord.

FUNDING. The Antioch Initiative leadership is requesting that you consider assisting financially by sending your checks made out to Elmore Church of Christ (earmarked, The Antioch Initiative) and mailed to P. O. Box 95, Elmore, AL 36025.

BROADER VISION. The ultimate vision of The Antioch Initiative is not regional, but national. In the future, visionary, faithful elderships throughout the nation will be encouraged to accept the challenge to do multiple church-planting in areas of the U.S. targeted by them. The Antioch Initiative Team will provide encouragement and consultation to such leaderships making commitments of that nature when called upon.

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