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God challenged believing Noah that a great deluge would come

Even though concerning rain mankind was obliviously dumb.


Aged Abraham was powerless to make the "son of promise" come true,

But, God Almighty intervened in what was impossible for him to do.


God sent Abraham to Moriah’s peaks to sacrifice his only son,

His faith led him to visualize Isaac’s resurrection already done.


Pharaoh inquired, “Who is the Lord that I should obey His voice?”

God's ten-lesson correspondence course changed Pharaoh’s choice.


The limitless God passed through Egypt on the first Passover night,

Taking the lives of the firstborn from peasants to the palace heights.


Israelites followed the pillar of fire while chariots came in hordes.

In the midst of the threat stood still to see the salvation of the Lord.


God sent fiery serpents among the rebellious complainers to bite,

Delivering with a bronze serpent if they were willing in faith to sight.


David's battle with the Goliath would've had a completely different outcome

Had he failed to understand that, “In the name of Jehovah I come."


Assyrians surrounded Jerusalem with one hundred eighty five thousand strong,

Yet, the Angel of Jehovah caused the emperor to shudder on his throne.


Thrown into a deep den of lions Daniel lifted his prayer to God

God shut the mouths of beasts causing the emperor God to laud.


“If you had been here, Lord, my brother would not have died.”

Lazarus' death and his grave the Resurrection and the Life defied.


A widow’s love of her son’s life was humanly helpless to clutch,

Yet, ’twas was done with the effortlessness of the Master’s touch.


Men said, “Trouble the Master no longer for the little girl is dead.”

Unbelievers put a period where a comma should've been said.


Couldn't reach up into heaven to bring the Christ down from above,

Couldn’t extend down into Sheol to resurrect God’s Son beloved.


With all these revelations and more, why would some discern

Right standing and fellowship with God is something man can earn?


Jesus earned our salvation by His cross and victory ore’ the grave,

Hence, it is by faith in Him that mankind must be saved.


The perfect life and sinless performance of Jesus the Nazarene

Is what God demands of each of the souls His piercing eyes have seen.


Yet, we all have sinned and fallen short of the high standards of God

Unable to qualify ourselves with Him to receive His Divine nod.


But clothed in the white wedding garments of Jesus’ righteousness

God qualifies the repentant, baptized believer who is willing to confess.


For it is “in Christ” the believer is seen as perfect, pure, and clean

And God can be just and justify sinners with His character untouched pristine.

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