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A presentation of the Saving Gospel of Jesus


littlegirl3-350In the early part of the 1960’s, a hurricane hit our little community of Lincoln County, Mississippi blowing down trees and damaging many people’s homes. The next morning after the high winds all the folks were out cleaning up their yards and beginning preparations to repair the damages. Buford Stewart, an area minister, was no exception. As he picked up large sticks in his yard, he would break them over his leg and put them in the trash basket. His little girl was imitating his every act as she picked up small twigs breaking them over her thin leg to put them into the trash basket. Finally, as you might have predicted, she picked up a stick which was too big and green and struggled to break it. The stick was just too much for her. After repeated attempts, she walked over to her busy dad and said, "Here, daddy, take this one-it’s too big for me." Without a second thought, Buford broke the stick and put it into the trash basket. As time passed, this same little girl grew ill and was hospitalized. No one really realized how sick she was as her condition grew more grave by the day. Buford begged God to spare her life, but the time came when the fight for life was over and she was gone. Such a crushing blow to Buford brought an almost, unbearable grief which would not be relieved night or day. On several occasions, Ruby, his wife, would awaken at night to find him gone from the house. He could be found at the cemetery, literally, outstretched over the grave of his little girl. Nothing gave Buford comfort in his time of sorrow. One night he was resting on his bed and just thinking about some of the beautiful times he and his daughter had experienced and suddenly it happened! Buford remembered the day he and his precious daughter had been cleaning the yard. He could see her clearly in his imagination and memory as if she was standing right there in front of him holding that stick up to him with all her confidence in his love and strength and requesting, "Take this one, daddy, it’s too big for me." That was the moment Buford turned to God with all his confidence in the Heavenly Father’s love and strength and said, "Dearest Heavenly Father, please take this broken heart, for it is too big for me!"

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