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RRoyBrendaJohnson-350oy Johnson has been preaching since 1971, including 18 years at Campbell Springs Church of Christ in Ashland, AL and, currently, preaches and serves as an elder for the Hollins Church of Christ in Hollins, Alabama. He served as an elder at the Grant Church of Christ in Grant, Alabama while his family resided there. Roy formerly was a top-level executive for the Boy Scouts of America for twenty-three years before taking on the role as Executive Director of Lads to Leaders in January, 2003. Prior to returning to Alabama to take on the position with Lads to Leaders, Roy was the Scout Executive in Butler, PA near Pittsburgh for three years.

Roy was one of the first young lads trained by Dr. Zorn in Lads to Leaders in the summer of 1968. As one of the first Lads scholarship recipients at Alabama Christian College, Roy traveled with Dr. Zorn to 28 states.

As the current Executive Director of L2L, Roy speaks at over one hundred congregations per year. He is a member of the Faulkner University Board of Trustees and numerous other boards.

Roy comes from a long line of church leaders. His great grandfather was one of the founding members of the Hollins Church of Christ in the early 1900’s. Roy’s grandfather was an elder and had the distinction of having every child, grandchild and great-grandchild to become a member of the church. Roy’s father served as an elder, his brother is an elder and his sister is married to a preacher.

He is married to the former Brenda Hurt and they have three grown sons--Bryan (Adrienne Ray), Ben (Alison Walsh) and Brad (Madison Campbell). The Johnsons have three granddaughters-- Kensleigh, Peyton and Huntley.

Brenda has been the Office Manager for Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes since 2003. She previously worked in the medical field as a Medical Staff Coordinator in Alabama and Pennsylvania. She attended Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama. She has been married to Roy Johnson for 34 years.

Brenda is a frequent contributor to Christian Woman Magazine and is the author of the Junior Leader Curriculum’s 1, 2, and 3 and also the Field Book of Leadership. Brenda is a Bible class teacher and a preacher and elder’s wife. Brenda has been a member of the Lord’s church since 1976. She enjoys speaking at ladies’ events throughout the country

Brenda Johnson and Don Myers had a phone conversation just prior to the summer of 2009 in which Brenda informed Don of Butler, PA—a fast growing area with no congregation of the church of Christ. After prayer, Doctor & Ms. Richard Trull, Brenda and Ben Johnson and Don Myers made a survey trip to Butler in June of 2009. Brenda introduced Richard and Don to the elders of the Kittanning congregation in Kittanning, PA. Sufficient history has been posted on this website to, essentially, give the reader the rest of the story. Yet, suffice it to say, God ignited what was to be come the Antioch Initiative in Don’s heart through that phone conversation that day.

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