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Attempting to keep you apprized of developments in the evangelist-search for Endless Mountains church in Wyoming County Pennsylvania, brother Jeff Wyeth of Windham, OH will be interviewed on May 4th by the Elmore elders and some of the core leaders of the Antioch Initiative in Elmore, AL. Brother Wyeth will teach the auditorium class and preach the morning lesson on Sunday, March 5th. The first stages of the interview process have been positive. It is our understanding that the Wyeths could relocate to Tunkhannock fairly soon, if selected. At this upcoming interview, he will present a budget of his financial needs to take up the work of evangelist in Wyoming and Susquehanna Counties Pennsylvania. He is fifty-nine (59) years of age and draws a military retirement.


As has been previously reported, the workers in the Antioch Initiative will not plant a church in Susquehanna County (the next targeted county), but, due to the rural scattering of nearly 70,000 residents in both that and Wyoming County, we will join the new evangelist of the Endless Mountains congregation (Wyoming County) to evangelize both counties. Converts will be asked to make the drive to the Endless Mountains congregation for Sunday worship assemblies. Those same residents have already proven their willingness to drive to the Walmart in Tunkhannock where the existing Endless Mountains congregation is located. In the future and if circumstances dictate, the converts from Susquehanna County can determine if they would like to take initiative in planting a church closer to home.


Molly Rivera (a charter member of Endless Mountains congregation) observed that region of the Pennsylvania is called, “Endless Mountains,” hence, the very name of the congregation would be one with which residents of Susquehanna County can identify. 


If the Wyeth’s are placed in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania soon, our strategy will be to direct all campaigners to extend the gospel invitation to the 44,000 residents of Susquehanna County this Summer through online WBS courses, door-knocking, and the mailing of House-to-House and Heart to Heart. The 2017 Campaign is now under development with brothers and sisters already committing to come for different parts of the U.S. for periods of time throughout the entirety of this Summer (June through August).


As always and happily, all is in the hands of the King of kings. 

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