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On Tuesday, July 25th, core members of the Antioch Initiative will meet on the campus of Faulkner University at 6 p.m., whether in person or through video conference, to discuss the following agenda items. Those included in the conference will  be: Kenny Westmoreland (TN); Gene Clemons (KY); Jeff Wyeth (PA); Arthur Barry (NY); Bill Garrett (PA); Jimmy Davis (AL); Terry Carlisle (AL); Stan Taylor (AL); Marshall Reese (AL); Andrew Bowens (AL); Don Myers (AL); and Dave Laton (AL). 


First, exploration and brainstorming will take place to determine consistent ways to become aware of members of the Lord's church who have relocated to parts of the U.S. where no congregation is in practical distance. Our prayerful aim will be to contact those Christians encouraging them to become the church where they live (see http://aicoc.org/index.php/resources/your-house). They will be encouraged to meet for church assemblies wherever they might choose (e.g. a home; free space at the library; an empty room at the fire hall; etc.) 

Second, the production of a user-friendly booklet will be discussed aimed at giving  biblical guidance concerning the beginning of a new congregation in one's home or some free space in one's town.

Third, the recruitment and vetting of preachers/teachers of God's word who are sound and dependable men of God  ready to teach & preach to those newly forming house churches from week-to-week by means of the live Internet. The securing of located missionaries in regions with the passion for multiple church planting must become the passion of each germinal church plant. 

We would like to welcome brother Kenny Westmoreland (Evangelist of the Beech Bethany congregation in Celina, TN) as a core leader of the Antioch Initiative. Kenny has already met and informed brother Darrell Daily of Messena, NY of our church planting work and vision. I have spoken to brother Daily and he is going to meet with the men of his congregation inviting us to come preach for a few days and to become acquainted with brethren in that region very close to the Canadian border. He informed me that the nearest congregation to Messena is a 100 miles in any direction. Further, brother Daily informed us of a Men's Retreat that takes place the 3rd weekend of September at Camp Hunt in Hubbardsville, NY. We are making plans to attend that retreat where fourteen (14) congregation were represented last year. 

Our aim is to network with brethren in regions of the U.S. where the Lord's church is scarce to non-existent. 

What will come of all of this? Well, we are dealing with God who is the Infinite Missionary able to cause a little bit of yeast to infiltrate the whole lump of dough! 

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