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Update on new location.

Greetings in Jesus’ name

I pray you are well and happy in the LORD.

Things are moving quite quickly regarding our efforts to buy a new church building. Response to our fundraising appeal has been very encouraging and so many of you have been praying for our success, we know that. The brethren at Kittanning church of Christ have continued to amaze us with their steadfast commitment to helping us with this work in Sayre. The purchase price has been lowered to $95000 and we presently have around $45000 towards that. This amount includes $20000 of our own money combined with gifts you have either sent, or pledged to send.

We are expecting to sign a purchase agreement and set the closing date within days, so please keep us in your prayers. One nice little twist is that our regional fifth Sunday singing event is going to be hosted by us at the new location. I asked if we could borrow the building for that one evening (October 29) and the owners agreed. This is a perfect time to show brethren in the region where we will soon be.

Our excitement is now turning more to plans on how we will utilize this building and there is a flood of ideas we are considering. We have members with expertise in areas that are of definite interest to the community; from reading literacy and yoga to smoking cessation and crisis counseling for violence and rape. We are asking God for wisdom in these decisions.

There will be additional expenditures when we move into the building and we are still seeking funds to make sure we can cover these as well as bring the mortgage amount down to a manageable monthly payment.  We are so grateful for all your help.

God is moving in this world and we intend to keep up with Him.

May all the Glory be His.

Arthur Barry

Valley Cities church of Christ

PO Box 82 Sayre, PA 18840

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