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On Friday, December 1st, and Saturday, December 2nd, Jimmy Davis and I are schedule to travel to Moorhead, MS to meet and dream with Gene & Madolyn Gibson concerning their need for a student center director for the community college work. They have served in that capacity for 22 years. They report that four congregations of the church of Christ have closed their doors over the last number of years in that region. We purpose to explore what involvement we might have in helping locate a student center director who might serve a reorganized congregation in that region that might include an outreach to the 50 non-member students who regularly attend Bible classes at the student center in Moorhead. We are encouraging a meeting of leaders from those congregations that once existed at a dinner meeting on Friday of that trip. 


On that trip, we have been invited to Winona, MS to meet Betty Choate and to tour their operation of The Voice of Truth International. Betty featured the church planting work of the Antioch Initiative in a recent issue of that Christian magazine.


Having been contacted by Edie Connel (the Administrative Co-ordinate of Follow-Up Partners with World Bible School), she has proposed to send the Antioch Initiative the contact information of all people from 2013 to 2017 who have requested baptism and with whom other follow-up  partners have placed in an inactive status. She has forward one name as a test and we expect five more from  her soon. All these efforts will be plotted through the WBS website where record keeping may be historically documented. Members of the Antioch Initiative Team will be activated in the follow-up of these precious souls.


Jonathan Towell (Computer Co-ordinator with WBS) has plans to improve the WBS software to realize the full and evolving potential of the Antioch Initiative's desire to disciple souls leading to church plants in the U.S. 


Other exciting developments are on the radar of which we cannot speak since their are in a proposal status. 

More later as God blesses.


Someone said, "If you plant a church, you may or may not get a disciple, but, if you make a disciple, you always get a church." 

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