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Jeff Wyeth, Evangelist

Saturday, September 1st...We were up very early to help Emily Barry put some of her stuff in storage and we ended up working there all day and went home at 9 p.m. She moved to Maine.


Sunday, September 2nd...We had morning services and it was fellowship day dinner. With Emily moving and Allen Morningstar's stay here over it definitely hurt somewhat our attendance, but our continued work will bring us new results. Malissa and Ken Lockwood said they overslept. The two that were baptized said they lived too far away. But we prayed for them and their safety. They live 35 miles away and of course a person who lives 10 miles away might say the same thing. We left after services to take our mind off of our disappointments and went to our son’s and attended church there with them, as tomorrow would be Labor Day and a holiday.


Tuesday, September 4th...We stayed last night at our son’s so that Teresa could attend a Ladies’ Meeting there. After arriving back at Tunkhannock I went to the soup kitchen and I spoke with Jim and Amy Stirling and Doreen Plummer was there also. I also spoke with Angie Force. There was a great heat wave from Labor Day until today and it was above 95 both days.


Wednesday, September 5th...Saw many at soup kitchen spoke to all. I got a lesson prepared for evening services. I got a call from Malissa's daughter that they were broke down and that they needed me to take them to Meshoppen, which is about a sixteen mile trip. I told them no problem and picked up three people and dropped them off in Meshoppen and then brought the husband back. I took him to an old house to get a tire off of a van and take the tire back to his van that was broke down in Tunkhannock. I gave him jump on his battery and he was able to leave. I did see Malissa Lockwood's grandkids, Blessings, Heavenly, Jaden, Michael, Scottie and Breanna while at their place. I dropped the women off & Malissa's two daughters.


Thursday, September 6th...I got prepared to pack and go away to my family reunion and come back on Wednesday, September 12th to check on mail and things needing done. So I left Friday to go to Ohio and worked some more in Teresa's mom and dad's house and then to see my family on Sunday in Lancaster, Ohio as most of them I will only see once a year as I am far away now. The Lord continues to bless me as we had a fine time.



Wednesday, September 12th...I am still on vacation until Saturday but I needed to return to Tunkhannock to do some things and then leave to travel some until then.


Sunday, September 16th...I returned home Saturday night and I had the opportunity to speak to a neighbor and gave them my card. She had her own RV and spoke to Teresa and I as her dogs kept coming over to our place and others were complaining about her dogs, but we did not. She was staying with an ill neighbor. We attended services and I preached and we fellowshipped afterwards. We had two visitors who had come to the Founders’ Day booth. They might keep coming they said. Asked them to go to the Pink Apple Restaurant with us but they declined, so we went and saw the new placemats with our church information on them.


Monday, September 17th...I got caught up on my mail and did some things around the house for my wife. I took her to the doctor for an appointment. I went to the soup kitchen and spoke to Ken and Roseann Staff for quite some time and I also spoke with Lena and her sister, Amy and Jim Stirling & a girl named Wendy. I also spoke with Jeff Lindsay, who had moved her from Ohio to live out his last days apparently. He will talk but moves on when I talk about the church and religion. It rained here all day.


Tuesday, September 18th...I had plans to knock doors or weed the church yard but, since Oliver Houck, the man just baptized is in the hospital in Wilkes Barre, I went to see him. I had been calling him each day and by chance his girlfriend answered. She gave me the info on that he might have a brain tumor so I rushed right over. Did not make it back until late as Teresa went with me.


Wednesday, September 19th...I went to the soup kitchen and sat with Roseann and Ken Staff and talked with Jeff Lindsay and others. I have not given up so fast on them. They are seeing me as one of them and that’s how I want them to see me. We had a visitor at services tonight as Doreen Plummer’s daughter came by. We had a good welcome conversation with her after church inviting her back.


Thursday, September 20th...I spent the day at the Gehsinger Hospital in Wilkes Barre and prayed for Oliver for his surgery, hoping they would not find a brain tumor and that it would be something he could bounce back from. I came home and stopped at the soup kitchen and was introduced to another neighbor from the girl who was just here in the neighborhood temporarily.


Friday, September 21st...I went to the Wilkes Barre Gehsinger Hospital to visit Oliver Houck and Teresa went with me. He did not look good in I.C.U. & kept moving around and could not talk and did not know me but because of prayers he was improving. I also saw the girl I baptized (Alisha Whitesell) and she was very happy that we had come, so that she was not alone. He was tied down and struggling.


Saturday, September 22nd...I went by myself to visit Oliver Houck and he did not even seem to know who I was so I prayed for him before I left.


Sunday, September 23rd...Kelly Donovan was at church and she had her niece with her. The ones from the Founders’ Day booth were not here but they say they have their own church but they are opening up.


Monday, September 24th...It was very cold today. I spoke with Alisha Whitesell about Oliver Houck and she said he was doing better. I did some more typing on my monthly report and per a request from Jimmy about an overview of what is going on here, I sent him a small report and mentioned all 3 of my baptisms and of one overseas that found Christ in baptism and went to a church of Christ there. The Lord has blessed us with baptisms and has blessed us with 25 in Ohio and 10 in West Virginia while I was there.


Tuesday, September 25th...Once again I planned to weed the church area but it rained once again. There are always papers blowing into our yard there so I try to keep up with that. I have been known at the three other congregations that I have been at where the church was nearly next door, to keep the yards looking good. I was at the soup kitchen and spoke with the Staff family, Brad Cross, Nelson Gatto and Merle Church and some others. Sometimes some like to tell me gossip about others but I tell them that is not my subject but that I will pray for all involved.


Wednesday, September 26th...I had doctor’s appointments myself this time at the Wilkes Barre Veterans place in Podiatry and then I went over nearby to visit Oliver Houck and glory be prayers were answered and he was talking to me and calling me his good buddy. Praise the Lord for answered prayer. He has a way to go but because he got his life back, he said he wants to have a party. Such nice uplifting words he gave me and I was so built up and uplifted that I felt joy in that I can look forward to teaching and working with him as he gets nurtured and becomes what God has destined him to be. Afterwards I went to the soup kitchen spreading cheer and talked with Lillian and Holly Harding who I had not seen for a while.


Thursday, September 27th...I got a call from Malissa asking me to come and pick her up that her car was going to be taken back by the rental company as she was in a car accident in Binghamton, New York a few weeks ago and her insurance will not pay for any longer.


Friday, September 28th...I was at the soup kitchen and talked with a man named Gary Johnson and to Nelson Gatto. I talked for a long time with a man I had a few Bible studies with, Carl Wiesneski. He was playing on the piano at the soup kitchen and his wife has Alzheimer’s and he told me that they would be going to Maryland to stay near their children for the winter. We always have a very good conversation.


Saturday, September 29th...My grandson was in the hospital so we spent the day visiting him.   Finished up report a day early if something good happens tomorrow I will let people know. God bless and pray for Oliver Houck and Brad Wyeth.   I’m doing my best to keep my wife happy, who lost both parents this spring and summer. Lots happening here and things are moving and the fields are being plowed and the harvest is coming and beginning since I have arrived. God is good and His power has been seen in three baptisms as I speak on the street to them they have returned to be baptized and God will give the increase.


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