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Sunday, September 1st...While we were at Teresa's class reunion and over at the old church where we stayed with friends and drove down to Alliance and went to our old congregation. As we did not get down until 11 pm and we did not want to drive the 8 hours home on Saturday night so Bill Garrett filled in for me per my request.


Monday, September 2nd....Labor Day Made some visits to old church in Ohio where I preached 10 years.


Tuesday, September 3rd...I made visits to two nursing home people back at the Windham area and visited several members, 8 all together and talked with the new preacher.


     Due to the fact that Teresa and I are moving into a new place and we are packing to move we decided to just take the boxes down the street a half a block where our new place is going to be. Teresa is not able to help much and getting a moving vehicle would mean packing everything in one day and unpacking it in one day. So we decided just to move things in our van and due to the fact that the couches and table and chairs and refrigerator and stove are not ours, we will only have the washer and dryer that we cannot haul in the van and we can find someone to help move it. So when we move in we will have one bed, no couch, no living room furniture at all. We will have a stove and refrigerator, so our needs later will be a couch, a couple of living room chairs and if anyone stays we will need a second bed, as the home were are moving from was completely furnished and we have a washer and dryer that our supporters bought us.


     So during this month I will be moving most of the month but if there is anything I can rep[ort I will place it here when it happens. I will try to find some helpers but most of the people I have been evangelizing are women and unhealthy soup kitchen disabled. But we will make it, cause

we are always given answers in some way. God is good.


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Monday, September 9th...I was in contact with Poncho Rivera.


Tuesday, September 10th-30th...We did a lot of packing and moving. Hoping to be in by the 30th of the month and out of our old place. We cleaned our old house as we went. We probably do not need to explain all the details of moving and how hard it can be and trying to keep things in order as we might need them, getting the electric, mail and other things switched into our name and some complications and still serving the church and her people. What a blessing the Lord has given. They will be putting a new roof on the house and we got a new mail box probably after they received our first month’s rent in advance. Everything is working out great and we love our new place. I have an office upstairs and a bathroom there and Teresa has an office downstairs and a bathroom. We have our bedroom on the first floor so that Teresa won’t fall down any steps at night as she did in our old place. So we have a bedroom and an office for Teresa downstairs and living room and a kitchen and bathroom and basement for our washer and dryer and a bedroom upstairs and an office for me upstairs.


All during the month whenever I could I invited people to the church. A new man very sick with very bad legs has been stopping by to leave a $20 donations each week and just recently a new person has talked about coming through me meeting him and phone calls. His name is Paul Mosberg. I will wait and see if he shows up. Also a new kid in town, Sarah Reynolds and I had a very long talk but it probably will depend on her boyfriend.   We went Sunday night to the Gospel Sing at Sayre being represented by 9 people from Tunkhannock. All went well. I hope to start one again my report in October. Have a blessed day and thank you to my supporters.

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