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1.     Detail specific actions you are doing to encourage spiritual growth

       in the congregation.

     Encouraging each member to learn and pray and nourishing the ones who were recently baptized, and are still attending services. Kelly Donovan, Jamie Hricenak, Oliver & Alishia Houck, Paul Vossburg and Cora Rivera. One Coco Lopez that was baptized on October 30, 2017 never lives in the area and the other 2 that were baptized moved out of the area and one still is staying in contact with me. We are still working with the five men here to teach them how to pray, read and help at the table.   It now seems that Jose can do all the 5 acts of worship. He shy's away from singing and preaching. But he will do the latter too if need be. Oliver is still not doing well from his brain surgery. Most of everything was explained about each individual I am working with from past days in the December 16th report.

     I started a Bible study with Holly Diehl who lives 20 miles from the church but does not have a car. I saw her dad sitting on a Walmart riding movable vehicle which was dead so I tried getting him one that was charged on a busy Friday and that is when I met his daughter, who said she has been looking for a church, but has no transportation, so I offered her and her boyfriend a ride. In my second call to her we talked a lot about the Bible and she wanted to come if her dad would give her a ride. I am planning on a third call to her if she will answer later in the week to see if she will come this week.

     I also had spent and hour discussing the church and gave out a card to a boy at Verizon, Eric Nowland. Saw him the next day at Walmart. He is very young, but I have not given up on him.

     I saw a girl and her boyfriend at the soup kitchen and invited her to sit with us. I talked to her about the church and gave them a card. She said that her boyfriend favored the Jehovah witnesses and that she favored Pentecostal. They came another day and I handed her a McDonald's application that I had gotten for her. I am still working on getting them to the church. Her name was Cecilia. I also offered if I could help in any way or prayers I would be glad with Eric or Cecilia.

2.     Visit the homes of those previously baptized but no longer attending services: Coco Lopez changed his phone number so I have been unable to connect up with him. I have spoken to Joey Kwiek and his girlfriend Faye Burgess and the two children along with her mother Malissa Lockwood. I baptized Joey but he moved about 2 hours away so it is more difficult to be in contact other then by messenger.


3.   Visit the houses of all those who previously visited worship services but no longer attend: Of the ones who visited and left they all have moved at least 75 to 500 miles away. I am is contact with the Lockwoods and Joey Kwiek by messenger and I speak with Emily Barry occasionally as she moved with her son to Maine. I am keeping all we have or else they are moving far away. I am still in contact with Shawn Kitner and he is still stopping by and leaving money for the collection.


4.   I am still getting into the Bible studies with Jim and Amy Stirling.   They are always out of money and asking for it. They tell us to show up places and they don't show up themselves, we are very patient with them.

Still working with Lena Bennett and Cindy Vandemark to try to get them to the church and they keep turning me down as does Brad Cross. He has 100 percent disabilities with his mind as he was in war. Nelson Gotte and Angie Force. I am working with Angie's new boyfriend Kevin also.

     Just on Sunday past a Black man came into the church, color doesn't matter to me of course, just informing. He was visiting and he said he was about half believing in God but his thoughts about God increased after the Sermon on Seeking to Do God's Will (Matthew 7:21). He said he had been seeing the church as he has been for a few months. So in the afternoon, I went and offered my services to him. We had a Bible study and I am going to spend time with the Bible with him. He said he had to go to New Hampshire but would be back.


5.     Involve the congregation in identifying people to pray for? We have a very long prayer list that we pray for and we almost always ask if someone needs prayers when they meet us away from home.

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6.     To encourage my own spiritual growth: My December 16th, 2019 report gave most of what needs said but I am always reading books and studying on line and attempting to learn all I can. I am still receiving tracts and pamphlets from "In Search of the Lord's Way" and Phil Sanders. We finished the book on "how to become a Christian" and was blessed with much reason to rejoice. I also spend quiet time with prayer and am willing to pray anywhere. Some come up to me and ask for prayer while I am at the soup kitchen where I try to remain available. I have had lots of Bible time with people there and have been blessed with a few members for the church.


7.   We just started a class on grief on Sunday morning in Bible study. It has affected many of us here greatly and none is exempt from it.


8.     I try for 4 hours of study in a day and spend time in the morning as well as later in the evening when I have checked with the new baptisms to make sure they have been taken where they need to go. Prayer is the biggest part of my life and I believe in it greatly as I have had so many prayers answered.


9. What am I learning from my own personal study: I also make mistakes as I have said before and I try to immediately apologize when I find out I have done anything to hurt or upset anyone. I do not make a habit of it. If I tell someone something I do it or I show up.   I am also learning to be more patient with those of other congregations that are not of the Lord's church. I have somewhat been able to work with some easier if I don't charge at them to quickly. I have learned asking if they need prayer is a good beginning and then telling them what we are doing here and inviting them to come and even asking David Mills over to the church to play cornhole might be a way of getting him involved. He ha..visited for his first week. His family is in Virginia and she said that he should become part of a church as he has nothing to do when there is no work. So I told him he is welcome to call me anytime so he did.

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